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Jan. 23rd, 2010

After pouring rain for days out here in Southern California, it's actually sunny outside now. Like, THERE IS BLUE SKY.

...I also realized how very very happy the rain makes me, which I think possibly separates me from most of the rest of the Southern Californians, but it's just so lovely. Green, too. Apparently I'm also a paradox, because I really am not a fan of being cold and miserable, but somehow rain turns that cold and miserable into JOY. For me. IDEK.

Also: FINALLY finished Buffy season 8, which is amazing and I've never been a comic book person but those made me really really happy. ♥ (Also super stoked for the next issues, now.)

Finals next week, too, but I'm trying to put those off. Because I'm definitely the worst at studying ever.


I'll of course talk about it more once the results are in and anything, but I have genuinely NEVER BEEN THIS EXCITED for the golden globes, ever. I'm so excited about the Glee cast and and everyone looks so pretty. <3 Olivia Wilde, too!

And Tina Fey said for realizies, so. My life? Pretty much complete.


For the past hour and half I've just been like, OMG LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT HIM. I HOPE THEY WIN.

...probably I am going to be entirely consumed by caps very soon. (HEY, LOOK KRISTEN BELL. ♥)

I'm reminded again why I love these kids so much. ♥
JANUARY 28TH PLEASE. (...um, although if we could just skip over finals, that'd be perfect.)

brief comments about gleeCollapse )

Haiti & Donations

With the absolute devestation that has taken place in Haiti, I really wanted to be able to do something to help -- I'm going to donate what I can, but I have virtually no money right now and so I decided to participate in help_haiti.

If you're willing to donate even $5 (and I realize how economically hard these times are and I have plenty of personal experience there), I would be happy to write a fic for you in response. I have a post in this thread. Just donate and email a receipt/screencap/etc. my way and I will be happy to write a fic of your choice.

Am I the only one who absolutely cannot believe Skins is going to be premiering at the end of this month?

In other words: um, what?

Don't get me wrong - I'm stoked about it. It's just that when it first went on hiatus I thought it'd be forever and it was, for a while, but now it's less like forever and more like, ohmygod, it's almost here and how did time go by so fast?


ALSO: Just found out today NPH won Gay Man of the Decade and he did this intervivew about it that just made me realize how rad he is. So in case you were interested in the awesomeness that is NPHCollapse )
Okay, I don't know what it is, but I'm kind of inordinately excited about this movie. I've been always been interested, but I didn't expect to be this excited. And I know it's super old news and all, but whatever.

As irrelevant as this is, my dogs should have a soap opera about them or something. (My stepmom breeds/shows dogs, so we're always getting new ones and losing old ones and I KNOW RIGHT IT'S LIKE A PRIME TIME DRAMA. Hook-ups and break-ups, yo.)

Anyway, we have these two dogs -- the girl is almost two years old and the boy's about nine months and they are having a love affair for serious. They're always cuddling on beds together and being adorable and last night he was laying next to her and had one leg on top of her. Guys, it was adorable. I should take a picture some time. She's pretty much the oddest dog we've ever had: she takes a bone and then barks at it rather than chewing it. She's alternately terrified and delighted by anything that moves. And, btw, yes, she does top. Just saying.

Well, uh - haven't actually done any posting of fanfiction yet, so here's to stealing the virginity of my LJ? One of my very first posts, too, so hey. Think I might figure this thing out eventually. Give me a couple years and I'm sure I'll know how to post things right. 8D

Anyway, found the glee_fluff_meme and found a prompt and, well, this is what happened. My first Glee fanfic. And Brittany/Santana, which I do sort of adore.

title: why santana hates circles (and other more important things)
characters/pairing: brittana/santana
rating: g, probably.
prompt: How the girls met, first impressions.
summary: they're in first grade and brittany draws way better circles than santana.
spoilers: pretty sure there aren't any.

in which brittany and santana meet and become bffsCollapse )

rarepair_shorts HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: endinginablaze
Pairing: Narcissa/Lily
Progress: 0/13
1. please forget me never your slightest look easily will unclose me
2. fathomless waters
3. she didn't look back
4. like footprints in the sand
5. never forgive, never forget
6. serpentine
7. lightning bolts in the snow
8. in cold blood
9. like a game of pickup sticks
10. the sky has limits, too
11. degrees of freedom
12. a house is not a home
13. the horizon is near