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"Ever heard of a shower?"

OH MY GOD, GUYS, KATIE'S EPISODE. I sort of wanted to organize my thoughts into something vaguely coherent, but I haven't actually had time, so here is this late incoherent mishmash of thoughts that hit me.

First impressions: watching the previously bit just reminded me what an angstfest this season has been so far. (Also: still cannot get over how awesome Kat's acting has been.)

1. I can't understand how Katie chooses her boyfriends. Really, Katie? This is why she's obvs going to end up with Effy.
2. LOL WUT PREMATURE MENOPAUSE that was definitely not what I was imagining. Um.
3. Probably the sofa wasn't the most clever place to hide important notices. Also, yeah, there's this thing about being in denial--and when it comes to having your house repossessed, probably not the smartest route to take.
3. SHE'S KATIE FUCKING FITCH WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU. Never going to get over that. Ever. ♥ ♥
4. And why wouldn't Effy follow her outside be all wow love with Freddie really really sucks isn't perfect and you're Katie fucking Fitch, remember? And be all ~subtle with the chest-touching. I see what you did there.
5. "Ever heard of a shower?" The whole Katie and Naomi interaction was hilarious. And, I mean, okay, so I'm really pissed off at Naomi and everything, but this whole episode she just looks so sad and pathetic (and also really pretty, IDK) and she decided to stick around this time, so my heart started hurting for her a little bit. Even though I'm pissed.
6. The Emily kissing Naomi bit made my heart hurt, NGL. That was just--horrifying and sad and pathetic and humiliating and a million other sad things.
7. Also, sort of LOL about the fact that Katie and Naomi and Effy are all in the corner on lawnchairs. Like, I'm not sure what I think about that but I found it a little bit hilarious? In a sad sort of way.
8. Then there's Emily kissing some other girl and pushing Naomi in the pool and that part was so painful to watch I'm not even sure I can properly talk about it except to say that D: D: D: UGH and and. I know Naomi really screwed everything up but the way she's looking just tore me up and then Emily being sad and, whatever, god, I think I cried through half this episode.
9. KATIE HUGGING EMILY and being sweet and guh. I just really love them as sisters sometimes. ♥
10. FITCH PIZZAFEST. Awesome wrap-up. :D

...sighhh, can someone explain to me why we needed a Freddie episode this season?


On a sidenote, I re-watched Fly Away Home for the first time since I was like seven and it's too adorable for words. Anna Paquin is little and and the little geese and, I don't know, apparently I can still really enjoy things like this. ♥


Feb. 24th, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
...that sounds kind of insane. (Wow, puns, how ~hilarious.) A psych ward? Huh.

2. Mm, yes. It is sad, but I'm also really glad it forced Katie to sort of do a much-needed double take on her life.
4. That part of the promo was seriously the thing that made me excited about next week. And I would have been fine not looking forward to this one--like I don't have enough else to do--but then they went and showed me that and guh. Haha, definitely let's get as far away from him as possible.
8. Exactly. The eyes. It was so powerful and depressing.

Cheers for Freddie&Effy as opposed to just Effy, though! Maybe they realized he couldn't really manage to pull enough attention in his own episode? Because seriously.
Feb. 24th, 2010 03:36 am (UTC)
it does (I appreciate a good pun) yup a psych ward, I'm gonna say it's probably a drug induced psychosis type thing.

2)It is very good that she had to evaluate things, I hope it prevents her from getting into the wrong type of realtionships now, and appreciating her family more, and realising there is more to life than just drama.
8)It was the agony in the eyes, the desperation in her voice, and you could hear that like lump in her throat, she was trying not to cry.

I think the writers realised that an episode based on him alone wouldn't hold enough interest, last year his episode was one of, if not the least interesting episodes, the only thing that entertained me was his sister, this year I think the addition of Effy being heavily featured will make his episode worth a watch.


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