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Valentine's Day!

Happy VDay, flist! ♥

I don't have much to say except I hope you had an awesome day even if VDay is maybe not your favorite holiday of all time. I spent the majority of my day doing some awesome homework, so uh. You know.

And I also read/wrote a little bit for this Six Word Valentine's Day Glee Drabble-a-Thon, which you should definitely do if you're into Glee. Six words, yo. You can do it.

Six-word Valentines Day Glee Drabble-a-Thon!

Wanted to write some sort of Valentine's Day-themed thing, so what ended up working out was this little Brittany/Santana drabble which I actually got to be 100 words exactly, so success! If you have anything you want written (drabble or ficlet) that's Valentine's-y of a couple that I'd be familiar with, let me know. Because I'm sort of in that mood and yes. :D I'd love to do it for you.

confetti hearts
pg-13 for language. brittany/santana. 100 words.

The school’s pink and red and white and there’s heart confetti falling all around her and this is someone’s idea of vengeance.

But Brittany comes skipping up beside her and Santana deals because it’s Britt’s favorite holiday and whatever, she’ll maybe survive it. Santana takes Brittany’s annual handmade card and tries not to smile.

“Fuck it,” Santana surrenders because Brittany’s grinning and twirling a strand of her hair and, god. She kisses Brittany against the lockers because if she’s doing this, she’s doing it right.

Even in full view of the school, she can’t remember why she cared so much.


Finally, if you are cool and maybe could possible enjoy a Buffy/Faith video, you are now required to watch syxstring's video because it is incredible.


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