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Just realized I've gone awhile without many updates--in other words, hey. Remember me?

For all the people I have recently become friends with via friending memes, hi! I will attempt to be vaguely interesting*.

This week has been absolutely exhuasting, though. I spent the majority of Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning studying for a lab practicum about tide pool creatures. It was ridiculous - my friend and I have come to the definitive conclusion that our teacher is on something. I'm just glad it's all over.

* Unfortunately, this product does not currently come with a guarantee; if you do not find it satisfactory, you will be given nothing in return. You have friended at your own risk.


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It's Skins day! I wish I was more excited about this (because hopefully JJ's episode will be vaguely happy?), but this series has just been such an angstfest that it's hard to be super enthused. ...are we not allowed to see anyone smile anymore?

Also: Gossip Girl is coming back on Monday, whut. I almost forgot about that show. I feel like I should be more excited, but it seems like such a distant memory that I'm not sure what I think about it.


I joined help_chile, so if there's a chance you would maybe consider donating some money, you can also get some cool fandom stuff for it. People are making fanvids, writing fanfiction, making fanmixes, etc., both in English and Spanish. I'm offering myself up, so if you're interested, you're welcome to bid on me right over here. <3 If you haven't read any of my stuff, it's strewn around my LJ haphazardly, so feel free to look~

I would love to write virtually whatever you want. I didn't even list everything I'd write there; pretty much if it's in my interests (or just ask me), I'll probably write it. :D


This is my of way of shamelessly pimping out a community to all of you Gleeholics out there because I know there are at least some Gleeks on my flist. GUYS, THIS IS FOR YOU. ♥ In other words, CALLING ALL GLEEKS.

There's this new community that was seriously just started (the first two challenges were just posted today!) and you should join. It's called glee_land and if you've done any other land communities, you probably know about it. If not, it's basically a place where you're sorted into teams and you get to partake in friendly competition against other teams in activities -- like writing, discussion, graphics, games, etc. And it's awesome. But considering it's just started, there aren't a ton of people yet or therefore a ton of activity, so you can help make it happen. *g* (I know, I'm so original with my awesome advertising skillz.)

Unfortunately I lack the ability to make anything that falls even remotely under the umbrella of "graphics," so I can't be as attention-grabbing as any ~decent advertiser should be, but hopefully what I lack in graphics skills I make up for in badassness and you will check out the comm anyway.

glee_land glee_land glee_land glee_land

Also: TEAM SUE FTW. (But if you're not as epic, I guess you can also join Team Kurt or Team Puck. I guess.)

Also: for the audition post, you should go here.

"Where did your Christ come from?"

I rediscovered this video today and thought I'd share just because it moves me every single time I watch it. We're doing a poetry unit in Lit and I'm using the poem that makes up the majority of Sojourner Truths "Ain't I a Woman?" speech. This one's read by Alice Walker--who I also love love love--and I just find it unbelievably beautiful and clever and honest and telling.

And Sojourner Truth gave this speech in 1851.

"Ever heard of a shower?"

OH MY GOD, GUYS, KATIE'S EPISODE. I sort of wanted to organize my thoughts into something vaguely coherent, but I haven't actually had time, so here is this late incoherent mishmash of thoughts that hit me.

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On a sidenote, I re-watched Fly Away Home for the first time since I was like seven and it's too adorable for words. Anna Paquin is little and and the little geese and, I don't know, apparently I can still really enjoy things like this. ♥
Title: the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
Author: endinginablaze
Rating: PG right now.
Characters/Pairings: Eventual Rachel/Quinn; eventual (and currently implied) side Brittany/Santana. Characters included directly in this chapter are Quinn, Rachel, Finn, Brittany, and Santana.
Summary: AU post-apocalyptic world. No one is sure exactly how long the City has existed or what lies beyond it, but something is about to change.
Spoilers: None.
Author's Notes: Okay, so this was originally started for the VDay fic exchange over at gleefics, but because I'm kind of a douche I didn't have time to finish/write much of it. Decided to write instead as a chaptered fic, so here's what I have so far. This functions as kind of an introduction; hopefully in the future there will be clarification about how exactly society/the City functions and more story. Title stolen from the e.e cummings poem "i carry your heart with me."

Quinn Fabray, then, has no need for insecurities.Collapse )

Valentine's Day!

Happy VDay, flist! ♥

I don't have much to say except I hope you had an awesome day even if VDay is maybe not your favorite holiday of all time. I spent the majority of my day doing some awesome homework, so uh. You know.

And I also read/wrote a little bit for this Six Word Valentine's Day Glee Drabble-a-Thon, which you should definitely do if you're into Glee. Six words, yo. You can do it.

Six-word Valentines Day Glee Drabble-a-Thon!

Wanted to write some sort of Valentine's Day-themed thing, so what ended up working out was this little Brittany/Santana drabble which I actually got to be 100 words exactly, so success! If you have anything you want written (drabble or ficlet) that's Valentine's-y of a couple that I'd be familiar with, let me know. Because I'm sort of in that mood and yes. :D I'd love to do it for you.

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Finally, if you are cool and maybe could possible enjoy a Buffy/Faith video, you are now required to watch syxstring's video because it is incredible.

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Title: your slightest look easily will unclose me
Character Pairing: Narcissa/Lily
Prompt: Please forget me never.
Rating: Teen, I s'pose.
Word Count: 1291
Summary: Narcissa's future is and always has been Lucius Malfoy, but that doesn't stop her from remembering.
Author's Notes: Finally got one of these done; first Harry Potter fic since, man, four years? It's been a while. As far as warnings go, there's girl kissing and suggestion of nudity/etc., I think. Title stolen from e.e. cummings' somewhere i have never travelled. Look, finally finished something! :D
Link to Prompt Table: Right hurr.
Disclaimer: I certainly do not claim any rights to Harry Potter or these characters; only the situation/this particular story was invented by myself. The rest goes to JKR, of course.

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...remember me?

Woah, okay, lack of updates much?

My teachers decided HEY NEW SEMESTER CLEAN SLATE MOARRR HOMEWORK, which, sure, makes perfect sense, why not.

So in the meantime I have been trying to catch up on fandoms and my flist and I haven't even seen Cook's episode yet, which is terribly depressing but my computer and time zone are both conspiring against me. Also my dad's birthday was yesterday, so my time was spent being a good, interesting daughter.

Here's a video to conclude just because this whole cast is so adorable and awesome and even if this happened awhile ago, I'll post it here now. Also because at :21 there is definitely a Lea wink/Dianna finger wave/Lea looking adorrrable exchange and they were so cute at each other and guhhh. ♥ Stolen from achele_loving.

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Finally getting to work on a few fanfics, hopefully I'll have something Rachel/Quinn finished soon. I've been having an extraordinarily hard time writing recently, so. We'll see?


Skins: Thoughts

First of all: Skins, finally.

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So there's this site that just got started and it's basically a fund-raising site for LGBT rights (which is where all the proceeds go). You write or draw something and then someone buys it and voila. :D Uh, think it's through paypal, but I don't think you need an account, so. And right now there isn't anything to buy, but maybe just keep looking back? Right now it just need some art/writing that you should submit. I'll be submitting something ASAP a-and YOU SHOULD GO DO THAT TOO.
Anyway, it's freewebs.com/capenotincluded.